HCPSS MPIA Request #2018-417

Requested Information
Please provide the following documents pertaining to the employment offers made to Michael J. Martirano in all capacities in HCPSS. These include positions as Acting Superintendent, Interim Superintendent, and Superintendent of Schools. Please provide: all position descriptions including duties, required qualifications, and preferred qualifications, where each position description was advertised, dates positions were opened and closed, number of applicants for each position, where available the racial and gender demographics of the pool of applicants for each position, number of acceptable applicants, Mr. Martirano’s applications: curriculum vitae, biography, letter of application, transcripts of undergraduate and graduate records, and all certifications. Please provide all correspondence to and from Mr. Martirano regarding applications during the application process including job-related correspondence on paper and electronic form between Mr. Martirano and hiring officials and Board of Education. Please show all records of verification of credentials before, during or after hiring Mr. Martirano.
Response Notes

Responsive to this request, no job announcements or applications for these positions exist. Required qualifications used by the Board of Education for the positions of Acting, Interim and permanent Superintendent of Schools, as well as the procedures for and authority of the Board of Education to appoint these positions is found in the Maryland Annotated Code under Education Article §4–201. Additionally, the position description, including time commitment, required compensation/reimbursement, obligations and duties for Superintendent of Schools (including in an Acting or Interim capacity) used by the Board of Education can be found under Education Article §4–202 thru 206. Further position descriptions as included in each of Dr. Martirano’s respective contracts can be found through Board Docs at:

Correspondence between Dr. Martirano and the Board of Education as the appointing authority related to the development of contracts for each position was done through legal counsel negotiations which are subject to the attorney-client privilege and protected under MPIA GP § 4-301(1). Additionally, discussion of personnel matters is a closed meeting exemption under the Maryland Open Meetings Act (OMA) GP § 3-305(b)(1), thus related confidential closed minutes for the Board of Education are sealed pursuant to GP § 3-306(c)(3)(ii). The following public minutes, however, can be found on Board Docs from those closed meetings where hiring and/or negotiations for the appointment of Dr. Martirano to Acting, Interim and permanent Superintendent of Schools was discussed:

Previously released documents responsive to this request include preferred qualifications for a Superintendent of Schools in the Board of Education’s Community Input Survey seeking Desired Characteristics of an HCPSS Superintendent, which can be found under MPIA 2018-383 and MPIA 2018-410. Additionally, correspondence and supporting documentation based on the authority of the Maryland State Superintendent of Schools to approve local superintendent appointments can be found under MPIA 2018-423.

Responsive Documents
Certification documentation issued by the Maryland State Department of Education (included with consent) is attached to this response.

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