HCPSS MPIA Request #2019-051

Requested Information
I am requesting any and all documents (email, letter, memo, etc.) provided to HCPSS staff that directs or suggests how teachers introduce and/or provide instruction to students about the youth risk / tobacco survey.
Date Received
Response Notes

For reference, the administration of this survey is addressed in Education Article §7–420, and the Maryland Department of Health provides draft questionnaires, FAQs, sample opt-out forms, and student instructions on their website: https://phpa.health.maryland.gov/ohpetup/Pages/YTRBS.aspx.

Responsive Documents
Instructional materials provided to HCPSS’ local coordinator regarding administration of the 2018 Youth Risk Behavior Survey and Youth Tobacco Survey. Please note, at this point staff is in the scheduling phase and materials have yet to be given to teachers.

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