HCPSS MPIA Request #2020-303

Requested Information
Please provide to me the actual data- deaggregated—for information that was submitted to MSDE on Restraint and Seclusion Report dated December 1, 2019. I am looking for:
1. For each incident, identify the name of the school, age of student, length of time in restraint and seclusion per event, reason for restraint and/or seclusion event,
2. Were these incidents of restraint and seclusion in each school repeat or single events
3. Separate out information requested in number 1 by general ed students and students with disabilities
4. Observation of seclusion rooms—Did HCPSS reply yes or No to the question “ has someone from CO observed these rooms in all schools”
5.What information does the district obtain about the seclusion rooms, are there cameras in the rooms, who monitors and documents about the actual episode of seclusion
6. What data does the district track regarding the incidence of student events of restraint and seclusion in nonpublic schools
7. Please provide policies / protocols and training and education policies on restraint and seclusion practices
Date Received
Response Notes

Responsive to this request, information under our response to MPIA 2019-094 shows existing reports on restraint and seclusion as well as information about Safety Care training. Additionally, no existing records reflect cameras in seclusion rooms as none are currently used. Additionally, related to training policies and protocols on restraint and seclusion through Safety Care Training, staff indicates training is provided through Quality Based Solutions to Complex Behavioral Challenges to train our trainers, who then train staff, to provide both the full training, refresher training, and Safety Care Basics for all administrators and school based staff. First aid safety care is provided in collaboration with Health Services utilizing HCPSS nursing staff. Additional clarification would be needed regarding data sought outside those provided above.

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