HCPSS MPIA Request #2021-274

Michael Lanthier
Requested Information
I request the following HCPSS reports mentioned and outlined in the Baltimore Sun in 2001:



The "Utterback report" circa March 2001 which is described as "a lengthy, unabridged account of the experiences of 1,160 parents, 551 staffers and 9,321 students with the county's various high school schedules" and discussed at board of education 3/20/2001

The "O'Rourke committee report" (I believe aka: High School Scheduling Committee) circa December 2001 which reportedly outlines reasons and made the recommendation that all HCPSS high schools are to adopt the same standardized student schedule within 2 years, and to forgo the 4x4 block schedule due to concerns with reduced instructional hours.
Date Received

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