Current Requests

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2024-049 I am requesting the amount spent on special education temporary services for the school year 2022-2023. This would include the following companies:
Social Service Consultants, Ltd
2024-048 Regarding X. Submitted
2024-047 We would like to know your process for open records request (or FOIA process).
ARC would like to receive your custodial and/or facilities management records to include:
1. Current…
2024-046 I am kindly requesting a copy of the agreed upon dual enrollment Jump Start Program contract that was effective during the 2022-2023 school year between Howard County Public Schools and Howard County… Submitted
2024-045 I am requesting a copy of the external footage of bus #1062 from Friday September 22nd. Submitted
2024-044 Under Md. General Provisions Code Ann. Secs. 4-101 to 4-601, I am requesting a copy of the internal record that your agency maintains to track requests for public records made under the Maryland… Complete
2024-043 I would like to request work orders for Dunloggin Middle School from School Year 2017 to date Sept 2023. Submitted
2024-042 We are requesting any communication between any Howard County Public Schools officials, in particular, Brian Nevin and Michael Martirano, and consulting firm Decision Support Group. This request… In Progress
2024-041 Please provide the final, excecuted contract with Tip Top Transporation as referenced in Transportation RFP 019.23.B3. Complete
2024-040 This is a request under the Maryland Public Information Act, Title 4 of the General Provisions of the Maryland Code. Please provide all records in your custody and control pertaining to the… Submitted
2024-039 I am requesting the documents listed below from Howard County Public Schools under the Maryland Public Information Act, Title 4 of the General Provisions of the Maryland Code. The code says the… Waiting for Clarification
2024-038 I am writing to submit a formal request under the provisions of the Public Information Act (PIA), to obtain access to certain records held by your office. The requested records pertain to… Waiting for Clarification
2024-037 We are requesting all information about Contract Title: 019.23.B3 Student Transportation Services - Contract ID: CTR012374 with the Vendor: Zum Services, Inc.

A complete list of all…
2024-036 The 2017-2020 Special Education strategic plan is listed as having completed in 2018/2019 "Investigate researched-based best practices for instructing for students with ADHD, autism, twice… Submitted
2024-035 During the 9/7/2023 Board of Ed meeting, Caroline Walker made 2 statements about which children were being restrained the most. She said that they can follow individual students through their HCPSS… Submitted
2024-034 At the 9/7/2023 Board of Education meeting, members of the DEI office discussed training in the first and second year for all new teachers. I am requesting a list of the training that all new… Submitted
2024-033 Requesting documentation and details regarding all renovations, by year, completed of Dunloggin Middle School including but not limited to contract technical and cost proposals, engineering reports,… Complete
2024-032 Requesting all e-mail contact between Marcy Leonard (principal WLHS) and the Community Foundation of Howard County, Inc. In Progress
2024-031 Edmentum, Inc. is submitting a request for information pertaining to Howard County Public Schools' RFP #116.23.B6 for Cloud-Based Adapted Reading Program that is subject to public disclosure… Waiting for Clarification
2024-030 Number of Children in pre-k 3 and pre-k 4, number in each grade with a 504, and the number in each grade have an IEP at bushy park and centennial elem. Complete
2024-029 the National Literacy Institute (NLI) is an institute that works with school leaders to implement research-based and customized learning plans that include numerous education workshops, job-embedded… Complete
2024-028 I request a list of the bus routes utilized by Howard County Public School System, including the school and each stop made in order on the way to that school. Complete
2024-027 Under the Maryland Public Information Act, we formally request that your office provide us with the following public spending information:
Copies of documents, such as − but not limited to –…
2024-026 I would like an un-redacted copy of the contract between Howard County and Zūm Services (bus contract). Complete
2024-025 I am requesting any and all correspondence, e.g. text and email between Tom Platt, CESO, and school staff. Waiting for Clarification