Submitted 2020 MPIA Requests

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2020-018 Please provide a brief description of every death of a student enrolled in HCPSS since 2005 with the student's school name and date.

Personal information including names and…
2020-017 How many members of the Glenelg High School Class of 2022 currently have an unweighted cumulative GPA equal to or greater than a 2.0?

How many members of the Glenelg High School Class…
2020-016 Please provide a list of Bullying/Harassment/Intimidation incidents, Drug Use incidents, and Health Room visits with a brief description of each occurrence and the name of the school at which each… Complete
2020-015 Spam content removed. Complete
2020-014 Please provide the Glenelg High School gladiator mascot logo in the highest resolution available. PNG format with a transparent background is preferred. Thank you. Complete
2020-013 Under MPIA, I would like HCPSS to provide the number of HCPSS graduates accepted at Ivy League schools (Brown University, Columbia University, Cornell University, Dartmouth College, Harvard… Complete
2020-012 Records related to employment. Complete
2020-011 I am requesting all emails from and to Board of Ed members from May 1, 2019 to July 14, 2019 which contain the terms "contract(s)", "bid(s)", "procurement" or "… Complete
2020-010 Please provide potential assignment to polygons for the preliminary 13-school plan mapped in the 2019 Feasibility Study. This plan was not available in the data files currently online as referenced… Complete
2020-009 I am requesting data for the number of students who are 1 or more years behind grade level in reading and math by grade and school for the 2018-2019.

Please provide a list of…
2020-008 I am requesting the report mentioned by Mavis Ellis at the end of the July 11th BOE meeting with Student outcomes from 2011 to 2018. In the meeting Ms. Ellis Dr. Matriano and Dr Walker created the… Complete
2020-007 I would like to see the Superintendent's scheduled meetings and events from his calendar for July 10, 2019 from 8AM to 11:59PM. Complete
2020-006 I would like to know the status of the new community Kings Forest in Ellicott city and proposed schools. Complete
2020-005 Please supply an updated year over year comparison for HCPSS Health and Dental funds through FY2020. This should include Actual FY2019 , Approved final FY2019 Budget and Approved FY2020 Budget.… Complete
2020-004 I would like to request a list of four-year colleges/universities offering admission to the Glenelg High School graduating classes of 2010-2019 and the number of students accepted to each in the form… Complete
2020-003 Under the Maryland Public Information Act Title 4, I am requesting a copy of the contract for superintendent Michael Martirano. Complete
2020-002 I request a list of all accounts muted by the @mjmsuper twitter account. This request should take less than five minutes to complete as follows:

1. Login to
2020-001 How many members of the Glenelg High School Class of 2022 currently have an unweighted cumulative GPA of 4.0? Complete