HCPSS MPIA Request #2022-143

Sam Baxter
Requested Information
HCPSS teachers and staff receive training regarding working with, supporting, providing safe spaces, and awareness of and for LGBTQ+ students. Please describe the delivery method of this training (i.e. is it in-person at the school level, is it an online independent course, and/or some other method). Also, please provide a copy of this training to include: Course objectives, course materials, course content, power points, presenter notes, knowledge checks or quizzes, credentials of presenters, recommended websites and other resources, Maryland, HCPSS, and individual school policy, and the names of non-HCPSS individuals, groups or organizations that are involved in reviewing, providing, presenting, consulting on, and/or supplying the content of the required annual training.

Also, please provide details and materials as described above for any additional LGBTQ+ training provided to HCPSS personnel including training and information for Rainbow Representatives and Safe Space teachers and staff.
Date Received

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