HCPSS MPIA Request #2023-140

Lori Scott
Requested Information
I am requesting any and all documents/protocols and policies that give information about parents and staff ability to view video surveillance captured in schools and on buses. Please provide any policies or protocols about storage of video surveillance, over writing, when a video must be kept as part of a student's educational file.
Thank you
Date Received
Response Notes

Responsive to this request, beyond the documents provided below, no protocol or policy records outline specific parameters for storage and overwriting school-based video, although staff indicates systems are based on available server storage space. Please note, beyond the records included above as those created by HCPSS for use by staff, publicly available U.S. Department of Education and other outside guidance regarding student records and video surveillance may be used by staff in determining access to student records as well as maintenance as part of an educational file. See for instance: https://studentprivacy.ed.gov/faq/faqs-photos-and-videos-under-ferpa.

Responsive Documents
RFP #012.20.B5 Bus Safety Video-Monitoring System – internal bus video equipment is provided by an external vendor, whose Technical Proposal to RFP requirements as provided under a prior MPIA request outlines storage of video under the pages pulled/provided here (see 6.16 through 6.21). Redactions are those falling under the exemptions found under the response to MPIA 2020-347: https://mpia.hcpss.org/requests/2020-347.

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