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Barb Krupiarz
Requested Information
At the 9/7/2023 Board of Education meeting, members of the DEI office discussed training in the first and second year for all new teachers. I am requesting a list of the training that all new teachers receive in HCPSS related to 1. diversity, equity, and inclusion and 2. special education. Please include the list of the job classification of the trainers and the number of hours of each training course.
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Responsive Documents
Since 2022 the Charlotte Danielson Framework, the basis of teacher reflection and evaluation in HCPSS, was revised to respond to themes and enhanced focus areas of Restorative Justice, Social Emotional Learning, Sense of Belonging for all Students, Culturally Responsive Pedagogy. Related required training information for new teachers includes:
o Framework in Action I
This course is a three-day professional learning program designed for educators in their first year of teaching in the HCPSS. Teachers have the opportunity to reflect on and push their current practice, discuss new ideas with colleagues, and deepen their understanding of the Charlotte Danielson Framework for Teaching and HCPSS evaluation expectations. The FIA I experience is customized and differentiated based on each teacher's level of teaching experience. Teachers new to HCPSS learn about and reflect on Danielson Domains 1-4 while developing artifacts for the teacher evaluation process.
o Framework in Action Level II
This course is a three-day professional learning experience that develops participants' capacities to meet the needs of all learners as it focuses on the manner in which teachers do what they do. Seminar participants use Cultural Proficiency as a lens and process to explore the common themes that permeate the 2022 Charlotte Danielson Framework for Teaching, with an emphasis on Equity, Cultural Competence, High Expectations, and Student Assumption of Responsibility. These common themes help define teacher performance at a high level. Required for all teachers during their second year.
The attached record contains agenda/schedule documents that respective participants in the New Educator Conference (NEO) were able to provide that included outlines to be covered by the various departments. Not all have specific descriptions, but the topics and presenters for the most part are included. Redactions are for internal links to content that would need further review, with the exception of unique login codes under MPIA GP § 4-338, and two individual cell phone numbers under MPIA GP § 4-330 as sociological data.

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