Submitted 2020 MPIA Requests

Tracking Number Sort ascending Request Status
2020-293 Provide a report for the use of gym space including the name of the reserving organization and the event name submitted, within HCPSS schools for January – March 2020. Complete
2020-292 I am requesting the name of the person(s) who submitted the MPIA request 277-2020. Thank you. Complete
2020-291 I am requesting the actual numbers of special education teachers, paraeducators, and student assistants in FY2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019. Include all special education staff in this number by budget… Complete
2020-290 I am requesting the number of special education temporary employee positions allocated and filled each year since 2010. Complete
2020-289 If still available on your servers, I am requesting all 2015 emails, including attachments, from and to or Complete
2020-288 I am requesting all drafts of the statement made by Ms. Ellis prior to the ratification of vote on redistricting at the 12/17/2019 Board meeting (please include emails and pdf or word files with the… Complete
2020-287 I respectfully request electronic copies of all Technical and Cost proposals submitted in response to RFP 012.20.B5 We were a bidder to that RFP. Complete
2020-286 Removed - Spam Complete
2020-285 Removed - Spam Complete
2020-284 Removed - Spam Complete
2020-283 Removed - Spam Complete
2020-282 I would like to request a report showing the salaries of all employees in HCPSS including stipends, overtime, and any other payments that would be reflected on an employees W2. Complete
2020-281 I would like documents (electronic, paper, or otherwise) that detail what the "consolidated" plan was for elementary schools that was used for the basis of the work sessions, including… Complete
2020-280 I am requesting all text messages to and from Board Members during the November 21, 2019 board meeting. Complete
2020-279 I request to know the name of the individual(s) who submitted MPIA request #2020-271, 2020-235, 2020-221, 2020-207, 2020-023, 2020-060. Complete
2020-278 Please provide all draft school redistricting plans that were sent to any HCPSS Board of Education members by Superintendent Martirano, the Deputy Superintendent, the Office of School Planning, and/… Complete
2020-277 I respectfully request electronic copies of all correspondence, including electronic mail, text messages and private messages (e.g. Facebook messenger, WhatsApp, Skype etc.), between Candace Dodson-… Complete
2020-276 In response to Request #2020-231, reference was made to "newly implemented administrative procedures related to system-wide MOU tracking" as being included in the response. In regards to… Complete
2020-275 Removed - Spam Complete
2020-274 During the October 17th, 2019 Board of Education public meeting, the superintendent stated "we have been very intentional about defining our needs for technology."
Therefore, I am…
2020-273 Documents regarding X. Complete
2020-272 I am requesting any notes taken at any time and meeting minutes documented by Board of Ed members, Superintendent, Deputy Superintendent, and Board Administrators about the "behind closed door… Complete
2020-271 I request to know the name of the individual(s) who submitted MPIA request #2020-264. Complete
2020-270 Removed - Spam Complete
2020-269 Removed - Spam Complete