Current Requests

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2024-022 I am requesting a table that shows when the HVAC filters were changed at each school in HCPSS from 2020 to now (08/30/2023) along with what filters were used (e.g. MIRV8). Complete
2024-021 We are requesting text messages and emails between Zum and Howard County Public Schools administrators and staff, including Michael Martirano and Brian Nevin, for the two weeks before school started… Complete
2024-020 I would like a pdf copy of the current HCPSS contract with Zum.

Thank you
2024-019 I am requesting a list of books from the DEI library available for teachers along with information on how the respective DEI teacher's library books are funded at the following schools:
2024-018 I am requesting the total number of designated walkers for HCPSS schools for the 23/24 school year and what percentage of those designated walkers receive FARMs. Complete
2024-017 I am requesting the total number of students that lost bus service for the 23/24 school year for any HCPSS school and then the total number of students or percentage of those students that receive… Complete
2024-016 I am requesting the number of designated walkers for each HCPSS school for the 22/23 school year and the 23/24 school year. I would like to know by school how many students lost bus service. Complete
2024-015 I am requesting the transportation costs for busses designated for each HCPSS school by dollar amount and total percentage of the overall Transportation budget for the 2022-2023 school year as well… Complete
2024-014 I am requesting the amount of donations each HCPSS high school has received from outside organizations such as boosters and PTSAs for the last 10 years. I am looking for the data HCPSS collects in… Complete
2024-013 We are submitting a FOIA request to your organization for all purchasing records for school bus parts from January 1, 2022, to the present for Howard County Public Schools. The request is limited to… Complete
2024-012 Under the Maryland Public Information Act, we formally request that your office provide us with public spending information, including both capital and operating expenditures, for payments made by or… Complete
2024-011 Regarding X. Complete
2024-010 I asked HR for this on June 20th but have not received it yet. Can I please have the job descriptions (which I believe would include the minimum qualifications) for: School Mental Health Tech,… Complete
2024-009 Please provide all communications to/from Nicole Carter, to/from Caroline Walker, to/from Michael Carson, to/from David Larner, and to/from Michael Martirano about the reclassification of liaisons… Complete
2024-008 Please provide all communications to/from Michael Carson about overtime or vouchers for hourly employees from January 2023 to current date. Complete
2024-007 Please provide a copy of the contract HCPSS engaged in that provided a virtual speech & language pathologist with an onsite assistant that taught at Talbott Springs ES in FY23. Please ensure it… Complete
2024-006 Regarding X. Complete
2024-005 I would like a copy of the 2021-2022 and 2022-2023 reading screening (DIBELS) results by school and by grade for the beginning of the year, the middle of the year, and the end of the year. Complete
2024-004 Requesting all e-mail correspondence between Marcy Leonard and Ohana Howard County AKA OhanaHC (any address Please also include any correspondence between the… Complete
2024-003 I am requesting a list of all books or other instructional materials for which re-evaluation requests have been submitted pursuant to Policy 8040 from January, 2022 to the present, including the name… Complete
2024-002 I am requesting any and all contracts or documentation that supports family healthcare costs that are paid for minor children through HCPSS or connected to HCPSS. I am requesting any and all… Complete
2024-001 I am requesting the most recent contract between HCPSS and Freedom Taxi service to include fees, rates, and mileage paid to this business. Complete