Submitted 2018 MPIA Requests

Review summary information, status, and responsive documents for each MPIA request submitted to HCPSS between July 1, 2017 and June 31, 2018.

Tracking Number Sort ascending Requested Information Status
2018-421 Please provide what scientific studies are used when in the decision to purchase reading programs and use for the purpose of dyslexia. This includes Reading Really Great, Wilson, Fundations, and Soar… Complete
2018-420 I am requesting any discussions and information including but limited to HCPSS purchasing or not purchasing Learning ally. Complete
2018-419 I am requesting a the Comprehensive Literacy Plan that was mentioned at last night's BOE meeting. In addition, please provide the previous comprehensive literacy plan by HCPSS.

2018-418 Pursuant to the Public Information Act, this is a request for a copy of the following records: An electronic copy of any and all employees for year of 2017, (fiscal or calendar year). Each employee… Complete
2018-417 Please provide the following documents pertaining to the employment offers made to Michael J. Martirano in all capacities in HCPSS. These include positions as Acting Superintendent, Interim… Complete
2018-416 Requesting student transcripts. Complete
2018-415 I would like to receive a copy of the most recent polygon projection table that is being used for the June 2018 Feasibility Study. This report shows by polygon how many expected students will be… Complete
2018-414 Documents regarding X. Complete
2018-413 Documents regarding X. Complete
2018-412 Questions related to HCPSS ethics panel:
1) I would like to know who are sitting on the HCPSS ethics panel, what are the term and each member's background. For this purpose, I would ask…