Current Requests

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2022-085 We are requesting a list of all construction contractors including subcontractors at the New High School #13 project. Submitted
2022-084 I am requesting the County Executive's proposed operating budget documents submitted to HCPSS for fiscal years 2020 and 2021. Submitted
2022-083 Can I please have the staff absence numbers per school for the month of December?
2022-082 Special education parents were recently asked to provide information to help determine compensatory services due to their children on IEPs as a result of lack of progress during the COVID shutdown.… Submitted
2022-081 I would like to Please request a copy of the scoring tabulation and the winning vendors copy of their proposal from the RFP titled: Screener for Reading Difficulties RFP 04.21.B1 due on 5/14/21 Submitted
2022-080 I would like to get the college acceptance and attendance data for the school year 2020-2021 for River Hill, Centennial High, Marriots Ridge High, and Glenelg High. Thanks Complete
2022-079 Can I please have a copy of any and all COVID related recommendations Dr. Maura Rossman (HCHD) has sent to HCPSS from August to January 5th? Submitted
2022-078 I would like to request all data from the cafeteria CO2 data loggers from December 2021 for the following schools: Oakland Mills High School and Oakland Mills Middle School. An Excel or CSV file… Complete
2022-077 Records regarding (X). Complete
2022-076 I am requesting the percentage of vaccinated staff for each individual school within HCPSS as well as the percentage of vaccinated students for each individual school within HCPSS broken down by… Complete
2022-075 I understand that a Third Amendment (Revised) to the School Bus Contract Between the Board of Education of Howard County and school bus contractors for Howard County was recently signed by the… Complete
2022-074 Regarding (x) Complete
2022-073 Records regarding (X) Submitted
2022-072 Amplify mClass with DIBELS 8th reports for the screening period ending November 2021:
- Distribution report for the school system, and for each individual elementary school (or similarly…
2022-071 Under the Maryland Public Information Act Title 4, I write to request access to and a copy of a listing of all Howard County Public Schools employees first and last names, email address, title /… Complete
2022-070 I am requesting the bus "Route Stops Locations" documents for Pointers Run ES, Swansfield ES, and Clarksville ES. These should be in the same format as the VES bus routes document posted on… Complete
2022-069 Under the Maryland Public Information Act, the Gaither Farm Homeowners' Association is requesting transcripts or copies of all communications between HCPSS and the HoCo By Design planning effort… Submitted
2022-068 MPIAs 2020-220 and 2020-228 provided the number of HCPSS teachers certified in special education but teaching general education who:
1. requested transfers into special education and
2022-067 Please provide all emails, letters, and any other documents sent to the Board of Education and/or Superintendent since November 18, 2021 regarding the HCEA presentation related to special education… Complete
2022-066 I am requesting to either inspect or receive copies of Proof of the isolation (or purification) of COVID-19/SARS-CoV-2 virus, and any other variants of the virus, directly from a human specimen that… Complete
2022-065 I am requesting the number of students with Autism in ED programs in HCPSS by level (elementary, middle, high) for the last 4 years. If available, include the numbers of each disability code in ED… Complete
2022-064 I am asking for the Risk Management Company, Surety Bond Carrier, and Policy Number for Superintendent Michael J. Martirano, as well as all Howard County BOE members, which include: Chao Wu, Jennifer… Complete
2022-063 I am requesting the total annual number of suspensions of students with a disability code of "Other Health Impairment" on their IEPs for each of the last 5 years. If you have that data… Complete
2022-062 Under the Maryland Public Information Act, Sinclair Broadcast Group is requesting the following as a member of the media:

1) Lesson plans and scope/sequence for the Grade 8 U.S.…
2022-061 Good Afternoon, Id like to request the scoring summary and a copy of the awarded vendors submitted RFP from RFP 04.21.B1, titled: Screener for Reading Difficulties. Complete