Current Requests

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2020-236 I would like to see X. Complete
2020-235 I am requesting the name and email address of the requester for each of the following MPIA requests:
2020-234 All documents and information, including, but not limited to, written testimony, communications, discussions, hearings, and transcripts regarding the Howard County Board of Education's… Complete
2020-233 All addresses that are being "redistricted" along with the From school and the To school.

2020-232 I respectfully request to obtain electronic copies of all email and text communication (if available) between Dawn Popp and current members of the Board of Education and/or Superintendent Martirano… Complete
2020-231 Regarding Policy 9260 and the canine search MOU referenced in section XIII of the policy:

1) The MOU governing canine searches was effective in November 2009 and has not been…
2020-230 In accordance with the Maryland Public Information Act and the Maryland Open Meetings Act, I am writing to formally request the Howard County Board of Education and any associated employees, officers… Complete
2020-229 Seeking a copy of a communication issued 11/21 from the Ethics Panel to the Board of Education. Complete
2020-228 How many of those educators under MPIA 2020-200 were given positions in special education? Complete
2020-227 I’m looking for a site plan for property addressed as.

2020-226 I request electronic copies of all emails and text messages exchanged between Board of Education members and/or Superintendent Michael Martirano between 11/19/19 and the date that this request is… Waiting for Clarification
2020-225 I am requesting a copy of a rental license for the property at X. Complete
2020-224 I am requesting the turnover rate of all teaching and support staff at each Howard County Public School from 2013-2019. In addition, the number of years of teaching experience of all teachers at… Complete
2020-223 Any E-mails between 7/1/19 and 8/31/19 between Transportation Director David Ramsey and Superintendent Michael Martirano with "Maple Lawn" or "Fulton" or "FES" in the… Complete
2020-222 I’m requesting information as to whom submitted MPIA #2020-177 Complete
2020-221 I would like any email's between from or to any of the BOE members or the superintendent, from the last 2 years. With the Name "Matt Levine" or "Matthew Levine" or "… Complete
2020-220 I am requesting all emails, text or other electronic transmissions, both To and From Tim Rogers, from the dates including 11/15/2019 though and including 11/20/2019. Complete
2020-219 Please provide all emails to/from Board of Education members dated 11-01-2019 to 11-18-2019 with any of the following terms in the content: polygon 171, 1171, Westmount, marriotts ridge, MRHS,… Complete
2020-218 Please provide the chart referenced as "hot topics of areas" referenced in this document:… Complete
2020-217 I am requesting all individual text messages to and from board numbers Ellis, Coombs, and Mallo during the November 18th redistricting work session. Complete
2020-216 Pursuant to the Maryland Public Information Act, I respectfully request a list of all escheat funds which the Board of Education for your county/city has received from probate cases that were… Complete
2020-215 The board is attempting to address the overcrowding along with a concentration of students from low income backgrounds in low performing schools. One indicator is the free lunch program.
2020-214 I request electronic versions of all of the invoices submitted for payment provided by the contractor 'Cooperative Strategies' from the date of their being hired by HCPSS up through the… Complete
2020-213 I am requesting the dollar amount spent by HCPSS for special education compensatory services (not nonpublic tuition) for the last 5 years. Complete
2020-212 I would like, in xlsx or CSV format, all standardized test scores, by Polygon and Level for Howard County.

Data Elements I would like to be included:
Standardized performance…