Submitted MPIA Requests

Review summary information, status, and responsive documents for each MPIA request submitted to HCPSS since July 1, 2018.

Tracking Number Sort ascending Requested Information Status
2019-048 I request the contents of all direct messages, from 2017 and 2018, sent to and from the following five Twitter accounts which are the property of HCPSS as defined in BOE Policy 8080 Section IV.C.1: @… Complete
2019-047 Under the Maryland Public Information Act Title 4, I am requesting an opportunity to obtain copies of the following public record: I request a copy of the letter sent to the Howard County Public… Complete
2019-046 Seeking student information. Complete
2019-045 I need a copy of my High School Diploma. Complete
2019-044 Under the Maryland Public Information Act, we formally request that your office provide us with public spending information, including both capital and operating expenditures, for payments made by or… Complete
2019-043 Seeking former employee records. Complete
2019-042 Seeking former student records. Complete
2019-041 Enrollment numbers in specific courses for all math levels at the high school level. Complete
2019-040 Seeking student records. Complete
2019-039 At the March 13, 2018 OBRC meeting, a motion was unanimously passed to request all MOUs that exist between HCPSS, county, state, and federal governments, and businesses. The request for MOUs also… Complete