Submitted MPIA Requests

Review summary information, status, and responsive documents for each MPIA request submitted to HCPSS since July 1, 2018.

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2019-110 I would like to request the line item bid award tabulation for the Appliances & Kitchen Equipment (039.19.B2) bid, including awarded vendors, pricing, brands, product codes, and competitive… Complete
2019-109 In accordance with the Maryland Public Information Act please provide position titles, job grades and salary ranges for all HCPSS positions. Complete
2019-108 Budget program 3324 includes prekindergarten students who, by law, are required to be in classes with at least 50% nondisabled peers. However, budget books only list the total number of students in… Complete
2019-107 In the Superintendent's proposed 2020 budget, the "actuals" for budget category 3321, Special Education School Based, are the following:
1) 484 teachers
2) 417.…
2019-106 Please provide a job description, along with the grade and salary range for that grade, for the Accountant I position. Thank you. Complete
2019-105 [spam removed]

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2019-104 I would like to request any and all notes, emails, meeting minutes, and/or additional documentation referencing the county’s decision to rescind Howard County Youth Program’s previously accepted… Complete
2019-103 I am requesting the most recent contracts for special education temporary employee services (Social Services Consultants, Delta-T Group Maryland, and Mission One).
2019-102 As per Maryland Public Information Act criteria, and pursuant to parental rights to "opt out" children out of controversial curriculum, I request 1) an Excel spreadsheet listing every… Complete
2019-101 Applications for Medical Cannabis of Maryland Stage 1 (2015) and Stage 2 (2018) Complete