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2020-384 Since the Open Meetings Compliance Board found that Jen Mallo and Sabina Taj violated the Open Meetings Act by texting instructions to each other during a public board meeting, and since the public… Complete
2020-383 I request the name and email address of the person who requested MPIA # 2020-372.

I also request the name, email address and any other contact information of the person who submitted…
2020-382 On September 8, 2011 a bids and contracts recommendation was approved by the Board of Ed for contracted legal services (attached) with 3 law firms.  It included applying firm names, hourly rates for… Complete
2020-381 I would like to request the winning bids on the most recent awarded Request for Proposals (RFP) No. 001.19.B2 for Speech Language Pathology, Occupational Therapy and Physical therapy Services. As… Complete
2020-380 I request a copy of the full and complete settlement agreement in the lawsuit filed by Tim Thornburg, Grace Chesney and John White against the Howard County School Board:  C-13-CV-18-000392. This… Complete
2020-379 I am requesting all emails to and from Board of Ed members, Board of Education staff, and General Counsel with the terms Open Meetings Act and OMA in the last 3 weeks. Complete
2020-378 Since the Open Meetings Compliance Board found that Jen Mallo and Sabina Taj violated the Open Meetings Act by texting instructions to each other during a public board meeting, and since the public… Complete
2020-377 In the superintendent’s statement of April 16, 2020, he indicated that the redistricting resulted in a “contract for relocatable” and that a contractor was hired to assess sites. I’m inquiring into… Complete
2020-376 I would like all letters sent in the month of April between the Board of Education, the Superintendent, or any HCPSS staff; to or from the HCPSS Ethics Board, that include any references to and/or… Complete
2020-375 I would like to know how may current rising sophomores are going to Long Reach from Howard. Also is there any way of getting the report as of April 1st. This is very important data. Basically I… Complete
2020-374 I am requesting to total number of students being redistricted from Howard High School to Long Reach High School from polygons 86 and 1086 who are not excluded due to an exception (e.g., rising… Complete
2020-373 The FY2021 HCPSS Approved Operating Budget lists the 2016 - 2018 Free and Reduced Meal percentages on page 6 as the following:
2016    22.2%
2017    22.1%
2018    18.9%
2020-372 I respectfully request a list of all contracts bid on by IP Data Systems, Ellicott City, MD. Please include the details of the contract such as the date, the amount, and whether or not the contract… Complete
2020-371 I am requesting documents that list the specifications of the chromebooks approved at the BOE meeting on 4/7/2020 from the contract approved on July 12, 2018.

Specifically, I am…
2020-370 Seeking records of the vetting process used by the school system to verify criminal history, required work experience and credentials, including what specifically is reviewed/vetted per position… In Progress
2020-369 I’d like to have the demographic information in request #2020-368 further broken down by all categories of special education, to include 504s, IEPs, etc. Complete
2020-368 I’d like to request the demographic information on HCPSS special education students (as an aggregate), both by racial and socioeconomic (FARMs) distribution. Is this student group reflective of the… Complete
2020-367 Seeking a list of the age and last names of High School teachers in the areas of Mathematics, Physics, Technology Education, Business Education, and Computer Science hired during the months of March-… Complete
2020-366 At the July 12, 2018 Board of Ed meeting, PC-8, Bid #054.18.B5 in bids and contracts, CDWG Government LLC (which I believe is actually CDW Government LLC) was approved to purchase Chromebooks in… Complete
2020-365 Pursuant to Maryland Public Information Act, I request the following records related to the solicitation, acquisition, and use of facial recognition technology and related software and services:… Complete
2020-364      During the March 26, 2020 HCPSS Board of Education meeting, the Board voted to approve bid #038.20.B3 as recommended by Douglas Pindell, HCPSS Purchasing Director. A fact sheet explaining the… In Progress
2020-363 Regarding Phase 3 of the Superintendent's message on March 26, please provide any documentation and supporting data regarding the school system's deliberation and analysis of multiple… In Progress
2020-362 Regarding the Superintendent's message on March 26th, please provide the model of all Chromebooks purchases, their per-unit cost, the cost of the entire order, delivery schedule, and any… Complete
2020-361 Pursuant to the Maryland Public Information Act, I respectfully request a list of all escheat funds which the Board of Education for your county/city has received from probate cases that were… Complete
2020-360 1) All student transportation contracts (including general education home-to-school, special education home-to-school, athletics, and field trip transportation services), which cover the 2019-2020… Complete