Submitted 2018 MPIA Requests

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2018-336 Can you please provide the number of students ineligible to participate in high school athletics and extracurricular activities as a result of policy 9070 eligibility requirements. Please… Complete
2018-335 Documents related to individual transcripts. Complete
2018-334 Documents related to X. Complete
2018-333 I would like to request the letter sent to HCPSS dated August 11, 2017 written by two Howard County Council members, Jennifer Terassa and Dr. Calvin Ball regarding HCPSS school attendance boundaries. Complete
2018-332 1) I request the specific criteria and test/evaluation instrument used to determine whether a child is eligible for early admission into Howard County Kindergarten. I understand the published… Complete
2018-331 Pursuant to the Maryland Public Information Act, I respectfully request a list of all escheated funds which the Board of Education for your county/city has received from probate cases that were… Complete
2018-330 To alleviate overcrowding at Howard HS, Centennial HS, and Long Reach HS, students were allowed to self-select to participate in the JumpStart program at Oakland Mills HS or River Hill HS for the… Complete
2018-329 How often are statistics updated regarding student races on the websites for high school? When (specific date year) that it is updated and who is responsible to do such Complete
2018-328 What is the policy and procedure for any staff member (teacher counselor principal) to be transferred involuntarily to another school within Howard? I have read the policy for voluntary transfer Complete
2018-327 All counselors in high schools that have won counselor of the year in the last 10 yrs Complete
2018-326 Requesting the number of fights that have taken place at MT Hebron high school in the last 4 years Complete
2018-325 I want the names of all high school counselors that have been employed at MT Hebron, Wild lake and their length of service
2018-324 Can you please provide contract award and bid tabulation information for the following project?
Project Name: Custodial Supplies
Bid Number: 004.18.B4
Submittal Date: 9/18/2017
2018-323 Please provide all communications concerning High School 13, "Why Not Jessup", and/or redistricting from the period March 1 2017 to the present between Renee Kamen and/or Bruce Gist and any… Complete
2018-322 I want to know the expected time line for expanding JumpStart to all high schools in the county. Complete
2018-321 I am requesting a copy of any document containing number of HCPSS student suicides in the last 5 years. If a spreadsheet exists, I am requesting a copy of that without the fields that have personally… Complete
2018-320 I know the school system has early intervention and in-school programs, so I thought I would get really good estimates of the need for pediatric physical therapy services from HCPSS data.
2018-319 I would like to have copies of the actuary reports from 2014 - to current showing the projections of claims used to set healthcare and dental premiums. To include the setting of employee vs. employer… Complete
2018-318 What is the average class size per grade per school. Specifically for high school, what is the average class size per instruction level (on grade vs. honors vs. GT vs. AP) Complete
2018-317 Howard County Public School Systems 2017 Fiscal Year Revenue (itemized).

2018-316 [spam removed]
2018-315 We respectfully submit this Public Records Request for a list of teachers from the Howard County School District with the following criteria: Active teachers with an original hire date after January… Complete
2018-314 Number of High School Students on Home and Hospital for Anxiety/Depression/Mental Health for 2017/18, 2016/17, 2015/16, 2014/15, 2013/14 school years at each high school, including hours per week (2… Complete
2018-313 This is a request under the Maryland Public lnformation Act, Title 4 of the General Provisions of the Maryland Code. I wish to inspect all records in your custody and control pertaining to the… Complete
2018-312 Requesting information, in reference to school site searches, back in 2002. Per these minutes, page 2:$FILE/02-07-…