Submitted 2018 MPIA Requests

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2018-261 A database/spreadsheet/log of all deferred (overdue or pending) HVAC maintenance needs in the school district at present day. Complete
2018-260 Most recently reported balance of the STUDENT ACTIVITY FUND at each school in the school district. (if not burdensome… please include the date on which the balance report was made) Complete
2018-259 Please provide the Educational Specification for High Schools, which is listed as a reference in Policy 6020. Complete
2018-258 I am requesting, preferably in electronic format, any document that describes the roles/duties/job descriptions of the Black Student Achievement Program Liaisons, the Hispanic Achievement Program… Complete
2018-257 I am requesting, preferably in electronic format, the number of students, by content area and grade, who were provided summer academic intervention services (program 3501 in the budget) for FY2014… Complete
2018-256 I am interested in getting copies of any correspondence from Cynthia (Cindy) Vaillancourt, Board of Education regarding a tour of Rockburn Branch Park Tour that she hosted on July 11, 2017.P This… Complete
2018-255 In the letter School-Property-Rockburn-Letter-122217.pdf of December 22nd, from CE Kittleman to Supt. Martirano, Mr. Kittleman states "After careful and extensive evaluation of potential school… Complete
2018-254 Pursuant to the Maryland Public Information Act Title 4, I am requesting an opportunity to inspect or obtain copies of public records pertaining to: the average Grade Point Averages (GPAs) for all… Complete
2018-253 I am requesting a copy of the statement that is read by HCPSS employees at the beginning of an IEP meeting when parents have asked to record the meeting. Complete
2018-252 Emails regarding student X. Complete
2018-251 I am requesting the same data as MPIA 2018-230, for nonteaching staff only, with the addition of a category of the department for each such employee (e.g., student services, information technology,… Complete
2018-250 To learn about how teacher preparation programs place their student teacher candidates, we request the following documents from Howard County Public School System as provided for by Maryland Public… Complete
2018-249 When was the last year the attendance boundaries for high schools in Howard County were adjusted? Complete
2018-248 In response to the attached OCR docket number 03091226, HCPSS was
required to provide the Office of Civil Rights certain information to
comply with the resolution agreement related to…
2018-247 Any documents provided to or received from the Maryland Department of Planning's Interagency Clearinghouse pertaining to High School 13. Complete
2018-246 Please provide the "additional information" as described in this comment:

Upcoming Hearings

December 7, 2017 at 7:30 p.m.

Update (11/30/2017):…
2018-245 I am requesting any documents that list the standard costs of display products from the Print Shop. That is, I am not requesting costs for document printing or reproduction.
2018-244 I would like to request a current copy of your art supplies bid award with the award document and bid tabulations Complete
2018-243 Current school bus transportation contract prices and who has the current contracts for each bus. Complete
2018-242 Can you please tell me how the AAC members were chosen. What processes were in place to select the current AAC members. Also, who were in the panel that selected the AAC members--please disclose… Complete
2018-241 I am requesting a copy of the contract with Adaptive Consulting, any documentation related to their legal status in the state of Maryland, and any emails between this company and the HCPSS… Complete
2018-240 Pursuant to the Maryland Public Information Act, I respectfully request a list of all escheated funds which the Board of Education for your county/city has received from probate cases that were… Complete
2018-239 Requesting access from the officers body cam that pulled over X i was passenger. Complete
2018-238 Listing of On-Call A/E contracts, the contract holders and the contract expiration date. Complete
2018-237 Records, emails and attachments related to requests occurring in years 2011 - 2016 by all research institutions, including but not limited to academic, private, or non-profit research institutions,… Complete