Submitted 2018 MPIA Requests

Tracking Number Sort ascending Request Status
2018-286 [spam removed] Complete
2018-285 I would the names of all individuals making PIA requests and their corresponding request numbers. Complete
2018-284 I would like copies of any e-mails sent TO Board members since October 1, 2017 containing the name "Drew Roth." I would like any emails sent TO Board members during the same time period… Complete
2018-283 A copy of the following in electronic format and/or whatever format exists:
1. An accounting of all uncashed checks/warrants (checks that have been issued by your government agency and…
2018-282 I am requesting information, preferably in electronic format, related to the timing of new special education teacher hiring by HCPSS. Specifically, I would like the number of new special education… Complete
2018-281 I would like to request copies of the bus incident/student conduct reports for Rockburn Elementary School from 2016-present. These are the reports completed by the bus drivers regarding student… Complete
2018-280 Number of times students have been suspended (in school or out of school) for each high school for posting information on the internet for each of the past 3 academic years including this year. For… Complete
2018-279 Please provide AP course enrollment data by high school for the past 3 years.

For the upcoming year, please provide each projected AP course offering for each high school. Please…
2018-278 I want every paper a principle must sign to become a principle as I believe rules have been violated Complete
2018-277 I am requesting a copy of the statement, dated prior to August 2017, that was read by HCPSS employees at the beginning of an IEP meeting when parents have asked to record the meeting. Complete
2018-276 I would like copies of all communications between Board members and the current or former superintendent regarding the resignation of board members. Complete
2018-275 At the Coffee and Conversation on Jan 20, Cindy Vaillancourt described a sketch plan for High School 13 at Troy Hill Park. Please provide this sketch plan, and any other related information regarding… Complete
2018-274 What is the race/ethnicity breakdown of Nationally Board Certified Teachers in HCPSS? For instance, X percent of NBCT are of Hispanic/Latino descent, X percent of NBCT are of Asian descent, etc. Complete
2018-273 For purposes of US Navy recruiting, request list of all Howard County high school juniors and seniors and their contact information. Complete
2018-272 I am requesting information on the HCPSS safe care/Crisis training program for teachers and staff. Who provides the training, how often is it taught, and can I get a summary description of the… Complete
2018-271 I am requesting, preferably in electronic format, any documents (emails, notes by HCPSS staff, documents) related to OCR Case No. 03091226 between March 27, 2015 and June 11, 2015 (to or from the… Complete
2018-270 I am requesting the number of students who applied for the Jumpstart program, broken doe by home school and receiving school. Specifically, how many applications for:
RHHS (home school)…
2018-269 I am requesting any documents relating to the Mission Road Property under consideration for HS #13; specifically those relating to blasting from the quarry (Savage Stone) as reported by Chase Land,… Complete
2018-268 I am interested in seeing what properties have been purchased in the past 10 years for and school in the county. Complete
2018-267 I am requesting the following for RFP No. 011.18.B1: Mercadien, P.C., CPAs scorecard evaluation. The winning bid's scorecard evaluation.
2018-266 This is to request the official minutes and video from the Howard County Board of Education's January 3, 2018 closed session. Complete
2018-265 This is to request the four site analyses completed in 2017 relating to the location search for a site for High School 13. The sites include Rockburn Branch Park, Mission Road, Landing Road and a… Complete
2018-264 Any and all purchasing records from 01-01-2013 to current date. The request is limited to readily available records without physically copying, scanning or printing paper documents. Any editable… Complete
2018-263 Any documents provided to or received from the Maryland Department of Planning's Interagency Clearinghouse pertaining to High School 13, since the response to MPIA request 2018-247. Complete
2018-262 I am submitting a MPIA request for documentation on all surveys and testing about why Mission Road is no longer being considered for the new high school. Complete