Submitted 2021 MPIA Requests

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2021-009 I request to study and review the Social Studies/Government curriculum of K through 12 of the Howard County School District. To include syllabus, books, worksheets and any other materials that may… Complete
2021-008 I request to study and review the full and unredacted "Black Lives Matter" K through 12 Curriculum that was adopted by the School Board in 2020. Complete
2021-007 Hi I would like to know the pricing per vendor for awarded RFP 054.15.B1 Temporary Staffing Services. I would also like to know how much each Vendor billed the county the past 2 school years. Complete
2021-006 I'm making a public records/FOIA request the following information: The total number of employees your public entity is withholding union dues or fees from for each pay period in May and June of… Complete
2021-005 Copies of the vendor responses to RFP No. 024.20.B5 for School Bus Routing and Fleet Management Solution Complete
2021-004 Please provide all emails, text messages, and any other correspondence or notes related to HCPSS business sent or received by Sabina Taj & Jen Mallo during the 7/9/2020 HCPSS Board of Education… Complete
2021-003 At the County Council / Board of Education meeting today, July 8, 2020, Board member, Sabina Taj made a comment along the lines of HCPSS's schools being at equivalent levels of segregation as… Complete
2021-002 1. In June 2020, HCPSS distributed surveys to parents and students at different grade levels, seeking feedback on distance learning and preparations for the 2020-21 school year. These surveys closed… Complete
2021-001 Please supply all healthcare actuarial reports from 2017 to current to include pricing of employer and employee contributions.

In addition, please supply any healthcare plan design…