Submitted MPIA Requests

Review summary information, status, and responsive documents for each MPIA request submitted to HCPSS since July 1, 2018.

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2019-078 It is reported that Dr. Martirano recently issued a blanket memorandum of direction to HCPSS staff instructing that every school adopt universal transgender student bathroom access. I request a copy… Complete
2019-077 Pursuant to the Maryland Public Information Act, I respectfully request a list of all escheated funds which the Board of Education for your county/city has received from probate cases that were… Complete
2019-076 I am requesting any document containing data related to the number and type of visits to the nurse's office for each high school in HCPSS in the 2017/2018 school year. I am not looking for… Complete
2019-075 Please provide the number of Central Office Administrative Secretaries who were administratively transferred three or more times from March 2016 to present. Existing data from the current personnel… Complete
2019-074 I am requesting the occupancy (# of students, teachers, paras, student assistants, temporary employees, related service providers, etc.) for each period in each portable classroom (including villas)… Complete
2019-073 Please provide: Actual current year student headcount by ES, MS and HS by polygon. Projected student headcount by ES, MS and HS by polygon for 2019/2020, 2020/2021, 2021/2022 and 2022/2023. Complete
2019-072 By law, the HCPSS end of fiscal FY18 audit had to be complete by September 30, 2018. It was the results of this audit that led to the statement from HCPSS that the deficit is now $37M (not $50M). I… Complete
2019-071 I am requesting the enrollment data for each HCPSS school from the official September 30, 2018 report due to MSDE. Complete
2019-070 In the document titled "Projection Accuracy Report" dated February 22, 2018; the following is stated concerning projections: The projection methodology used by the HCPSS is based on… Complete
2019-069 I am requesting the Fire Evacuation Drill logs for Howard County High Schools for the last 5 years. Here is an example of such logs in Montgomery County Public Schools: https://www.… Complete