Current Requests

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2020-136 I am requesting all emails between Board of Education members related to Dr Wu's request to have a statement during the redistricting public hearing on September 26th. Search between September… Complete
2020-135 Please release all Twitter accounts currently (10/2/19) being blocked by the official HCPSS account @Sabina_Taj. Note: providing the list after allowing Ms. Taj to unblock accounts and follow HCPSS… Complete
2020-134 Please provide either:
a) the official enrollment report for all schools and all grade levels for HCPSS for 2019 (notionally September 30 or the actual official date);
2020-133 I would like to know school feeder history (which elementary school, middle school, and high school, students attended respectively) for the following polygons: 1028, 2028, 28, since 1990. Thanks. Complete
2020-132 A copy of lobbiest currently registered to lobby HCPSS and the Board of Education Complete
2020-131 Can we have a spreadsheet listing the funding received by each school in the past 3 years, categorized by federal, state, local? Complete
2020-130 Copies of all memos provided by the school superintendent to members of the board of education since 2/1/19. Complete
2020-129 Please provide all emails to/from Sabina Taj and Bill Barnes that include the following terms:
special ed
2020-128 Documents regarding X. Complete
2020-127 Copy of the letter of intent and contract between Cooperative Strategies (Scott Leopold) and HCPSS to include scope of the work, payments made and those remaining outstanding. Complete
2020-126 I am requesting communications containing "River Hill" or "riverhill" or "RHHS" between board members "" or "… Complete
2020-125 Please provide all emails to/from Board of Education members dated 11-14-17 to 11-16-17 with any of the following terms in the content: polygon 1171, 1171, Westmount, marriotts ridge, MRHS, burleigh… Complete
2020-124 Request by HPCSS school PARCC english and math score by student.
For each student (please remove name and student id for privacy reasons), please indicate 1) if student receives FARM (please…
2020-123 I would like a report that lists all of the school bus accidents involving all buses servicing the busing of HCPSS children from 2008 to 2018.
Information required for each accident are 1)…
2020-122 I request any emails or other correspondence related to the removal of the transcript and recording of AAC meeting #4 from the HCPSS website. (I presume this removal was requested - I would like to… Complete
2020-121 Please provide emails from/to Renee Kamen, time period 2017-present, with any of the following terms in the subject line: polygon, polygon 1169, polygon 1171, westmount, Turf Valley, Bethany glen,… Complete
2020-120 Graduation rates by high school for SY 2017/2018 and 2018/2019 for Farm students. Complete
2020-119 This is a request (the "Public Information Act Request") under the Maryland Public Information Act, Title 4 of the General Provisions of the Maryland Code (the "Act"). We are… Complete
2020-118 Please provide any/all communications between All AAC members Heidi Abdelhady, Bessie Bordenave, Frank Eastham, Willie Flowers, Hector Garcia, Paige Getty, Quiana Holmes
Steven Hunt, Suleman…
2020-117 Could I please have a list of all HCPSS schools with the 2018-19 school year FARMS rate per school? Complete
2020-116 Please provide the Free and Reduced Meals (FARMS) Student's READING & MATH Proficiency Scores by School for All HCPSS schools for School Year 2017-2018 and SY 2018-2019. Complete
2020-115 What are the job titles and corresponding pay rates of HCPSS employees employed under Program 0106 Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion? If a position is unfilled, please list the budgeted amount for… Complete
2020-114 Documents regarding the decision to delay the Ascend One Relocation/Renovations to FY24 including specifically the relationship to any plans for the demolition of the Old Cedar Lane School and the… Complete
2020-113 Please provide a copy of all documents in the possession of HCPSS in connection with RFP #040.17.B4, Fall Athletic Sports Referee Officials Services, pertaining to football officiating services. This… Complete
2020-112 Test scores of the students that moved into Howard County by year for the years 2016, 2017 and 2018. Complete