Current Requests

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2020-242 Content removed - spam Complete
2020-241 Under the Maryland Public Information Act Title 4, I am requesting an opportunity to view or obtain copies of public records.

Specifically, I am seeking the following information:…
2020-240 I would like to have the bid tab for the following purchasing items:
Unified Communication as a Service (UCaaS) Cloud-Based Telephone Solution, Dedicated Internet Access.
2020-239 I am requesting any and all records/documents with reference to Elm Street Development and/or Bethany Glen from 11/27/17 through the present, including but not limited to written and oral… Complete
2020-238 I am requesting any and all records/documents with reference to polygon 159 and/or polygon 1159 from November 27, 2018 through the date of this request, including but not limited to written and oral… Complete
2020-237 I am requesting all legal invoices listed in the October 2019 monthly Board of Education report. Complete
2020-236 I would like to see X. Complete
2020-235 I am requesting the name and email address of the requester for each of the following MPIA requests:
2020-234 All documents and information, including, but not limited to, written testimony, communications, discussions, hearings, and transcripts regarding the Howard County Board of Education's… Complete
2020-233 All addresses that are being "redistricted" along with the From school and the To school.

2020-232 I respectfully request to obtain electronic copies of all email and text communication (if available) between Dawn Popp and current members of the Board of Education and/or Superintendent Martirano… Complete
2020-231 Regarding Policy 9260 and the canine search MOU referenced in section XIII of the policy:

1) The MOU governing canine searches was effective in November 2009 and has not been…
2020-230 In accordance with the Maryland Public Information Act and the Maryland Open Meetings Act, I am writing to formally request the Howard County Board of Education and any associated employees, officers… Complete
2020-229 Seeking a copy of a communication issued 11/21 from the Ethics Panel to the Board of Education. Complete
2020-228 How many of those educators under MPIA 2020-200 were given positions in special education? Complete
2020-227 I’m looking for a site plan for property addressed as.

2020-226 I request electronic copies of all emails and text messages exchanged between Board of Education members and/or Superintendent Michael Martirano between 11/19/19 and the date that this request is… Waiting for Clarification
2020-225 I am requesting a copy of a rental license for the property at X. Complete
2020-224 I am requesting the turnover rate of all teaching and support staff at each Howard County Public School from 2013-2019. In addition, the number of years of teaching experience of all teachers at… Complete
2020-223 Any E-mails between 7/1/19 and 8/31/19 between Transportation Director David Ramsey and Superintendent Michael Martirano with "Maple Lawn" or "Fulton" or "FES" in the… Complete
2020-222 I’m requesting information as to whom submitted MPIA #2020-177 Complete
2020-221 I would like any email's between from or to any of the BOE members or the superintendent, from the last 2 years. With the Name "Matt Levine" or "Matthew Levine" or "… Complete
2020-220 I am requesting all emails, text or other electronic transmissions, both To and From Tim Rogers, from the dates including 11/15/2019 though and including 11/20/2019. Complete
2020-219 Please provide all emails to/from Board of Education members dated 11-01-2019 to 11-18-2019 with any of the following terms in the content: polygon 171, 1171, Westmount, marriotts ridge, MRHS,… Complete
2020-218 Please provide the chart referenced as "hot topics of areas" referenced in this document:… Complete