Current Requests

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2023-049 Regarding X. Complete
2023-048 school enrollment numbers on 9/30 for each school before SY 98. Complete
2023-047 Regarding X. Complete
2023-046 I need the total number of registered students in Howard County. I also need the total number of registered students in Howard County who claim/identify as nonbinary or transgender. Please break it… Complete
2023-045 Page 48 of the report below lists the LEAs in Maryland with varying percentages of initiation of COVID Compensatory Services - all of whom are at 50% or above, except for Howard County, who is listed… Complete
2023-044 To address overcrowding, many of our schools use portable classrooms/trailers.

-I am seeking the number of trailers at each school from 2018-current year.
-I am also seeking…
2023-043 We are currently doing a study on the head superintendents of schools (i.e. the person in charge of the school district whether that be CEOs, Chancellors, etc.), and I am requesting data on… Complete
2023-042 Requesting surveillance camera footage between the hours of 10:00 AM and 11:30 AM for Sunday, September 25, 2022 at Oakland Mill High School Complete
2023-041 I would like to submit a public records request for the digital/electronic copy of the scoring summary as well as the awarded vendors submitted proposal from RFP No. 054.21.B1 Cloud Based Adapted… Complete
2023-040 any email correspondence to or from Jolene Mosley in which "Oakland Mills", "Redistricting", "Atholton Island", or "Owen Brown" occur in combination, in… Complete
2023-039 Regarding X. Complete
2023-038 I am requesting a copy of the current contract for the current superintendent of Howard County Public Schools. Complete
2023-037 I would like to request the names and email addresses of all HCPSS employees. Complete
2023-036 I am requesting, the current number of seats for the turf fields at all of the high schools, along with any changes in the number of those seats (e.g. due to renovations or replacements) over the… Complete
2023-035 I would like the full health curriculum for 4th grade, including the scope and sequence, and the list of resources used to create the curriculum. Complete
2023-034 I would like to request any emails to or from HCPSS employees with respect to bus stops along Sand Hill Rd in Ellicott City from August 2019-present. I would also like to request any Sand Hill Rd… Complete
2023-033 I request the number of relocatable classrooms deployed across HCPSS since the 2012-2013 school year, reported by year and broken out by each school, as well as annual totals for all schools at the… Complete
2023-032 Howard County high school graduation college list for River hill, centennial, Marriotsridge, and Atholton High school. Complete
2023-031 Under the Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment, 20 U.S.C § 1232h, I request the following:

Immediate access to all curriculum material, including teacher training materials, used…
2023-030 Could you please confirm whether or not the following bids have been renewed for the 2022/2023 school year, and if so send the current price list/renewal pricing for each. If they have not been… Complete
2023-029 Pursuant to HCPSS MPIA Request #2023-008, and the program titled Race to be Human at Centennial High School, please provide the following: 1.) A list of any and all fees paid or contractually due in… Complete
2023-028 I am requesting emails, meeting minutes, draft language and other forms of work product subject to public review containing the phrase "Montgomery County replaced an existing moratorium” leading… Complete
2023-027 Please provide me the company/companies (for profit and non profit) that send donations (via brochures/literature, grants or other financial) to Howard County Public School System Board of Education Complete
2023-026 I am requesting the monthly data for the full year of the FY2022 Legal fees monthly report. Boarddocs only has June through May, not including June of 2022. The report to the board is a pdf document… Complete
2023-025 Copies of documents, such as − but not limited to – Construction Notice to Proceed, Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP), contractor reporting forms, work orders, project directories, and the like that… Complete