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2023-106 Regarding X. Complete
2023-105 I am requesting information on the development and bidding process for Request for Proposal 010.23.B5 "Behavior Management and Support System". Specifically, I am requesting
1) a…
2023-104 Requesting information and confirmation on what courses provided in were presented in X during the period of January 30… Complete
2023-103 SmartProcure is submitting a Public Information Act (PIA) request as defined by Md. Code Ann to the Howard County Public Schools for any and all purchasing records from 6/30/2020 to current. The… Complete
2023-102 Regarding X. Complete
2023-101 Regarding X. Complete
2023-100 I am requesting the invoices for all legal work done for the special education case that lead to a due process hearing with OAH case number 20-H-HOWD-14664 or MSDE-HOWD-OT-20-14664 (both numbers have… Complete
2023-099 I hereby request the following records:
Zum: Proposal – Technical Response
Zum: Presentation
Zum: Price Proposal Form(s)
Zum: BAFO Price Proposal Form(s)
2023-098 We request all communications between district administration and school principals regarding National Merit scholars and commended students. Please use the time frame of January 1, 2022 through… Complete
2023-097 Regarding X. Complete
2023-096 1. I am requesting the total number of HCPSS schools that have handicapped accessible single point of entry front doors to the school. These doors are the ones accessed by pressing a button to be… Complete
2023-095 Are there any listed requirements or uniform instructions provided to school administrators on updating the school/class offerings, news on each high school website? Why is there more information on… Complete
2023-094 An accounting of all outstanding and returned checks which remain stale and/or remain outstanding from 1-1-19 to present.
-Field Values requested: Payee name, date and/or year, amount, check…
2023-093 I am requesting a total amount of money donated to booster programs for each of the Howard County high schools for school year 20-21, 21-22 and 22-23 ytd. Complete
2023-092 Please supply the HCASA report on their School Start Time Input Response Survey they conducted. This should include the presentation to the BOE from today's 1/12/23 meeting and all the comments… Complete
2023-091 Copies of certified payroll reports submitted by Epic Insulation on the Pointers Run Elementary School HVAC Renovation construction project (2019-2020), covering the following periods: 8/1/2020 to 9/… Complete
2023-090 The purpose of this written request is to receive the Bid Tabulation from the last procurement award for Student Photography Services Solicitation. Complete
2023-089 I am requesting a list of four-year & two-year colleges/universities offering admission to all HCPSS graduating class of 2022 and the number of students accepted to each in the form of a… Complete
2023-088 1. Reservations submitted for all school gym space in Howard County from June 1 2022 through June 1 2023

2. All Reservations approved and cancelled for school gym usage by Angie…
2023-087 I am requesting a copy of the following records: A wage/payroll summary report in pdf, csv, or xls format preferred, of all employees for calendar year 2022: Each record should contain first name,… Complete
2023-086 Regarding X. Complete
2023-085 This is a request under the Maryland Public Information Act, Title 4 of the General Provisions of the Maryland Code. I wish to inspect all records in your custody and control pertaining to the… Complete
2023-084 This is a request under the Maryland Public Information Act, Title 4 of the General Provisions of the Maryland Code. I wish to inspect all records in your custody and control pertaining to the… Complete
2023-083 Please provide me with all communication/emails between Tony Esposito and Colbi Dorman between Sept.1, 2022 and December 22, 2022. Complete
2023-082 SFY 2023 Local Application for Federal Funds (LAFF)
<Include Signed C-1-25 MSDE Budget Form and Budget Detail Form>
• SFY 2022 - SFY 2023 Comparative Staffing/Funding Data Form…