Submitted 2022 MPIA Requests

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2022-150 Please provide the number of children eligible to attend HCPSS schools, but who do not do so, for each elementary, middle, and high school in the system. Complete
2022-149 I would like information on students who have left HCPSS in the period from August 2019 to present. Specifically, I would like the number of students who have left, broken out by school, and counts… Complete
2022-148 Under the Maryland Public Information Act, I am seeking the following records from Howard County Public School System:

1. Any financial records, such as an income-and-expense…
2022-147 I am requesting the total number of students in all ED programs in HCPSS by disability category. Complete
2022-146 Regarding X. Complete
2022-145 MOUs, NDAs, Master Service Agreements, and contracts in your possession between your organization and:

Department of Homeland Security
Howard County Police Department
2022-144 - GoGuardian MOUs/Contracts/NDAs

- Emails facilitating the purchase/procurement/adoption of GoGuardian
2022-143 HCPSS teachers and staff receive training regarding working with, supporting, providing safe spaces, and awareness of and for LGBTQ+ students. Please describe the delivery method of this training (i.… Complete
2022-142 HCPSS Policy 8040, Selection of Instructional Materials, provides a procedure for approval and removal of instructional materials in classrooms and media centers.

For the following…
2022-141 On behalf of the Foundation for Fair Contracting – Mid-Atlantic Region (“FFC-MAR”), I am making this request under the Maryland Public Information Act (“MPIA”), Md. Code Ann., Gen. Prov. § 4-101 et… Complete
2022-140 I am requesting the number of HCPSS PreK students that were or are currently eligible for bus transportation under distance of 0.5 miles. I am requesting the student transportation information be… Complete
2022-139 I request the number of students enrolled at each HCPSS school from polygons 118, 120, 1120, 1117, 117, 123, 127, 1296, 126, 296, 1123. Please break the data down by polygon and school, and also… Complete
2022-138 Receipts and reimbursements paid directly to the National Association of Secondary School Principals (NASSP) and related to travel to NASSP events between the dates of January 1, 2021-June 2, 2022. Complete
2022-137 Between May 26, 2022 and June 3, 2022, HCPSS held graduation ceremonies at the Merriweather Post Pavilion. I would like a copy of the contract executed between the school and the entity that accepted… Complete
2022-136 I am requesting any correspondence received by one or more members of the Board regarding HCPSS Pride activities and/or support for LGBTQ students, where the date of receipt is between April 1, 2022… Complete
2022-135 I would like all information on the review of the books Gender Queer and Lawn Boy that are currently in some of the high schools. I would like this to include any emails or docuemnts between those… Complete
2022-134 Regarding X. Complete
2022-133 I am requesting the number of students per school for which invoices have been sent for damaged, lost, or stolen Chromebooks since they have been issued to students. I would like a spread sheet that… Complete
2022-132 I am submitting a public records request pursuant to the Maryland Public Information Act (Title 4) for the following information:

Robert Motley’s emails, text messages, and instant…
2022-131 Requesting the full vote count totals for the 2019 as well as the 2020 Election of the Student Member of the Board of Education.

Also, would like the vote count for each candidate, by…
2022-130 Pursuant to the state open records law Md. Code Ann., State Gov’t Secs. 10-611 to 10-628, I write to request access to and a copy of a listing of all Howard County Public School System’s employees’… Complete
2022-129 I am formally requesting under Maryland's Public Information Act, Howard County Public School System, Executive Salary (Superintendent, Deputy/Assistant Superintendents, Chiefs). Please provide… Complete
2022-128 I would like to formally request any and all correspondence from the Gorman Crossing PTA leadership (representing the PTA) to the office of the Superintendent. I want to know what they are claiming… Complete
2022-127 Please provide an up-to-date list of your current employees, full names, date of birth, age or year of birth, hire date, e-mail address, personal/home phone number(s), address, department/position,… Complete
2022-126 Requesting the full vote count totals for the 2022 Student Member of the Board of Education that was just completed.

Also, would like the vote count for each candidate, by school and…