Submitted 2021 MPIA Requests

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2021-259 1: All certified payroll records submitted on behalf of KaRon Masonry Inc. for work performed on E1024-FY2019 HAMMOND HIGH SCHOOL RENOVATION/ADDITION since June 1st, 2020.

2: A copy…
2021-258 I am requesting the number of students that returned to HCPSS schools from special education nonpublic schools during each of the school years 2016/2017, 2017/2018, 2018/2019, and 2019/2020. Complete
2021-257 I am requesting all emails, voicemail, and text messages sent to or from any members of the Board of Education between April 1 and May 8, 2021 with any of the following keywords: Peter, Banyas,… Complete
2021-256 I am requesting all emails, voicemail, text messages, and instant messages sent to or from Michael Martirano, Karalee Turner-Little, Mark Blom, and Anissa Dennis between April 1 and May 8, 2021 with… Complete
2021-255 I am requesting all emails, voicemail, text messages, and instant messages sent to or from Nicholas Novak, David Burton, and Theo Cramer between April 1 and May 8, 2021 with any of the following… Complete
2021-254 I am requesting all emails, voicemail, text messages, and instant messages sent to or from Cindy Drummond and James LeMon between April 1 and May 8, 2021 with any of the following keywords: Peter,… Complete
2021-253 I am requesting the exact total vote count each candidate received in the 2021 Student Member of the Board of Education election held from May 5th-7th, 2021, as well as both counts broken down by… Complete
2021-252 I am requesting:

a) the total number of students currently enrolled in HCPSS grades 6 through 11.

b) the total vote count (per candidate) of this year's (SY 2020-…
2021-251 I am requesting the records of restorative justice training provided in HCPSS schools in 2019 and 2020. Specifically, I am requesting the following data by school - date of training, number of staff… Complete
2021-250 Please supply all healthcare reports (actuarial and internal) to include paid claim reports for Plan year beginning January 2020 and Plan year beginning January 2021 include pricing of employer and… Complete
2021-249 Seeking X. Complete
2021-248 I request all electronic communications with attachments (including but not limited to emails, social media, texts, phone calls) to/from Razia Kosi, HCPSS Diversity, Equity and Inclusion department… Complete
2021-247 The following is described in documents on the US Deprtment of Education's Office of Civil Rights website (emphasis added).
2021-246 I am requesting the dollar amount given to HCPSS from the "Hold Harmless" funding from the state for both declining enrollment and special education transportation in the FY2022 budget. Complete
2021-245 Under the Maryland Public Information Act, I am requesting an opportunity to inspect or obtain copies of public records pertaining to Internal Revenue Code Section 179D Special Rule for Government-… Complete
2021-244 1. A copy of the current transportation contracts (including any
amendments/addendums) with the District's transportation vendor(s).
2. A summary of annual transportation expenses…
2021-243 All memoranda from Janice Yetter, Lisa Davis, Anissa Dennis, or Michael Martirano to school staff that contain the term 504 between the dates of November 22, 2019 and January 31, 2020, including… Complete
2021-242 MPIA 2019-094 lists "HCPSS staff members who are certified Safety Care trainers along with the dates of their full and refresher courses as applicable in training."

I am…
2021-241 I request the instructions, dates, guidelines and campaign rules for the HCPSS Student Member of the Board candidates. I also request all official HCPSS documents that detail the Student Member of… Complete
2021-240 I am requesting all documentation sent to Danielle Lueking from HCPSS central office management providing guidance for the requirement for name, address, and signature of an MPIA requester, since the… Complete
2021-239 Please supply for budget category 6801 - Student Transportation:
1- Most recent report of actual dollars spent vs. budget for the current FY2021.
2- Please supply any projections…
2021-238 I am requesting data to be sent electronically via email on the percentage of students in the Howard County system opting in and out of in-person instruction. If possible, please sort this… Complete
2021-237 I would like to know the percentages of MWES students who elected hybrid and virtual. Also, I’d like percentages of the above broken down by grade level.

Thank you.
2021-236 Within the Howard County Public School System's FY2022 Board of Education’s Requested Capital Budget found at: ...I found reference on page… Complete
2021-235 Regarding X. Complete